Top Things to do in Vietnam

Top Things to do in Vietnam

 Vietnam is a aluring destination which is full of contrasts. From picturesque rice terraces in the far north to the tantalizing beaches of Con Dao, from fascinating floating market in Can Tho to vibrant city of Hanoi, the country has so many things to offer to its visitors. 
Depends on your personal interest, the list of top things to do in Vietnam may vary. Nguyen, our travel experts propose some of the most highlighted experiences you should not miss in the country :
halong view

Cruise out to Halong Bay

The iconic site of Halong Bay is always mentioned in all the itinerary for a holiday to Vietnam for certain reasons. Designated as Unesco World Heritage site, Halong bay is a beautiful place filled by spectacular islands and islets arise the emerald waters of Tonkin Gulf. 

Our tip: there are many ways to appreciate Halong Bay. The most common way is to book a Halong Cruise tour which often lasts for 2 or 3 days fully packed with meals and cabin. 

hanoi street eat

Street Eats in Hanoi

Vietnamese cuisines are famous worldwide for Noodle, Springroll and Banh Mi. You will have more chances to learn about local authentic cuisine than just these dishes and Hanoi is just a perfect place to start. 
From fresh morning market to busy afternoon food stalls, Hanoi offers signature dish that will surprise your pallete : Bun Cha, Cha Ca, Che, etc.. all are easy finds on the streetside. 
If you want to adventure more than just observing and eat then opt an interesting cooking class !

Spotting Rice Terraces in North Vietnam

There are 3 beautiful provinces that you should head for the rice terraces: Lao Cai, Yen Bai and Ha Giang. While Sapa – a district of Lao Cai is fast developing, the two other remains its charm in peace. The rice terrace culture is linked with visits to hill tribe villages and weekly market.
Travel tips: a journey off beaten track to Topas Ecolodge or Pan Hou Ecolodge is perfect for those who seek for the extraordinary holiday by the mountain. Check out our Tailor Made Tour for better consultancy. 

Easy Rider from Hoi An to Da Lat

Hitting the road from fascinating Hoi An to Da Lat is the best chance to witness the changes of lifestyle from coastal town to mountain hill station. Easy Rider is a group of motorcyler – tour guide who offers packages on many roads connecting these destinations. Their experience and expert knowledge not only for road or dirt tracks but also for coffee plantation, ethnic villages, traditional workshops will impress you very much.

Essential Information 

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Travel Expert Tips

travel expert
" Trekking Off beaten track in the mountain of Sapa, riding a motor through the rugged mountains of Ha Giang and plung into the pristine waters of Con Dao archipelago should be some of the most amazing experiences in Vietnam that last for a lifetime "

- Mr. Nguyen  - adventure expert

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We were very happy with your service for our Vietnam Myanmar Tour. After the fascinating touch of Yangon City Tour, your tour guide in Bagan did the best to show us the local life and top site for sundowner. In Vietnam, we encountered many beautiful rice terraces and remote villages of Hmong ethnic minority while the cruise in Halong you chose for us was very enjoyable and comfortable. 
Thank you again for your great work.

Yannick - from US

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